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Harmonizing Bath Crystals

Turn your ordinary bath into a self-indulgent mineral spa! Harmonizing Bath Crystals use a blend of 12 vital homeopathic minerals, 30 essential oils and Dead Sea salts to neutralize harsh chemicals and soften water. Minerals not only help relax muscles and nerves, but when you emerge from your blissful soak you will notice and feel how moisturized and soft your skin feels. Leaves you feeling fresh, clean, and youthful.

Harmonizing Bath Crystals, contain potent non-oven, dried solar salt crystals called Dead Sea Salts. The crystals soften and conditions skin by supplying vital minerals and 30 essential oils to your bath water. Harmonizing Bath Crystals helps to relax the body relieving stress, creating a soothing spa-like experience, while nourishing and improving skin health.

 Promotes Relief from Stress

 Provides Nutrients to Nourish and Soften Skin

 Neutralizes Chemicals in Bath Water

 Protects Skin from Harsh Chemicals

Ingredients: Solar Salt Crystals (unheated), Magnesium Sulfate (USP), Dead Sea Minerals, 12 Homeopathic Cell Minerals 3X – 6X (in lactose) (USP), Corn Starch (Food Grade), Sodium Citrate (USP), Mica/Titanium Dioxide (minerals) (USP), Calcium Silicate (USP), Blend of 30 Essential Oils.

Application: Add 1 to 2 scoops of bath crystals to warm bath or dilute into a spray to condition skin. May be used with essential oils and/or natural bath bubbles.

Product Code: S 5009

Product Size: 16 oz. Bag

UPC Code: 7-53990-10509-4

Retail: $19.95